I am a freelance photographer and artist.  I experience the world through images, not language; through sensory reception, not verbal expression. My obsession is photography and photoartistry; of images and imagination.  My career focus is commercial and fine art photography.  My life objective is to take what is seen and move it into a world beyond words; a world of visual poetry. 

 My images are my poetry.  I seek to capture the senses and make memories.  Not just a time-based memory, but a touching, hearing, smelling, and seeing memory.  Sweet as a song.  Soft as a feather. To enjoy. To appreciate. To truly experience.

 In 2013, I established Aidan G Photography in Edmonton, Alberta to fulfill my career objectives while attending MacEwan University for Design Studies. I am working to focus my career on commercial product and fashion photography, with more of an artistic flair in fine art, landscape/conceptual photography and retouching.