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Who is Aidan?

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Aidan Guerra. I’m 26 years old 
and I live in Edmonton AB. I am artistic and creative, driven, positive and I developed  my passion for photography in high school. My teacher, Rob Wallace, encouraged me to take on a career in Photography. I have always enjoyed the artistic, conceptual, as well as the technical aspects of the craft.


I graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelor in Design. I have had a 
tremendous opportunity to learn a new perspective in the field; not only in 
Photography but in Design, Illustration, Drawing, Mixed Media, Videography, 
Motion Graphics, Typography, Publication, Editorial, and Web Design. This 
perspective allows me to think differently and enable me to think and do my craft 
achieving a vision from a design aspect. I have been shooting professionally for several years and my design background in additional to my use of light are my 
differentiators.  I will frame your memories above your expectations.

I engage my clients personally and try to enter into their world to understand them and reflect this my images for them. I look at photography as poetry through a lens of a camera.


Selecting me as the photographer for your special memories will provide you with a 
work of art, not just an album of photos. You are worth it.  You deserve it!



Awards & Nominations:

2016 - INFOCUS People's​ Choice Award, February

2016 - BEACON MAGAZINE Fancy Pance Issue

2016 - September Issue LOOKS LIKE FILM 

2017- February Issue LOOKS LIKE FILM

2017- October Issue LOOKS LIKE FILM

2016 - INFOCUS Gallery 

2017 - INFOCUS Gallery 

2018 - INFOCUS Gallery 

2018 - INFOCUS "Honourary Mention Award"

Best in Conceptual Photo

2018 - March Issue PHOTOED Magazine "Honourary Mention Award" Best in Conceptual Photo


All photos remain 100% copyright property of Aidan Guerra.

None of my images may be sold

or reproduced for profit or advertising etc, without my knowledge or consent. Thank You 

Photo Credit: DANA COLE Photography: "The Dana"
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